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The design approach was to focus on each element of the assembly and how we can reduce the amount of material and the amount of construction waste and how they collectively work for and /or against our energy balance.
The biggest contributions to this goal are our advanced framing techniques. We have taken a typical timber wall and reduced the overall timber content, at the same time increasing its thermal performance while maintaining its structural integrity.  Glass Wool insulation( like Pink Batts) is 4 times more thermally efficient than timber. So where we can remove a stud, we reduce the cost of that wall, reduce thermal bridging and decrease the heat loss (or gain), all through design. Our frames are panelised ex. factory, so there is significant reduced time on site for construction and a similar reduction in waste.

These design driven gains are found throughout the house: Thermal bridging reductions, timber content reductions, insulated slab, california corners, 6mm steel lintels, air barrier, reduction in corridors, pannelised / modular layout, efficient  un-construed thermal mass.

This house will consume on average 15 kWh/yr/m2 for heating and cooling. That can be achieved with an 80W heat exchange unit.

Colour Steel Roof
Vertical Cedar Cladding
180mm Thermally Broken Walls
Vertical Coloursteel Cladding
3 bed 2 bath
Passive Heating / Cooling
15 kWh/yr/m2 heating demand
Renowned for their quality and attention to detail, innovative and forward thinking and with over 70 years experience, Breen Construction is a dedicated home building division catering to residential customers looking to build great homes in Central Otago, the Lakes District and Southland regions of New Zealand.
manmade and breen homes have come together to offer the green home.
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    1. the green house

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  1. the green house

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