Residential : crowded house
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The crowded house model puts the role of the developer into the hands of the owners.
In our first of its kind project our clients were the developers of 2 townhouses on a single lot. We were engaged to assist with the subdivision, earthworks and he design of 2/200m2 town houses.
The cost benefit to our clients saw all expenses shared and no 'profit' being paid out to a developer. Along with this we used repeating design elements which cut compliance costs dramatically.
The resulting box on box design helped with visual separation between the units while allowing us to interplay different materials and styles within the same envelope.
To provide a comfortable environment for townhouse living we incorporated solid masonry basement and interfloor construction with the top stories double glazed in 250mm thick walls.

Colour Steel Roof
Vertical Cedar Cladding
250mm Prefab Walls
Schist Stone Veneer
3 bed 2 bath
Passive Heating / Cooling
Hydronic Heating
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