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agreen building approach

I have spent the last 7 years studying and researching green building technologies, systems, products and theories.
Over that time I have galvanised a philosophy that does not focus on any single element or approach, rather its an open philosophy to an ever changing landscape.

There are 3 basic tenets in my approach:

a It must be able to be proven to perform

a It must make economic sense

a the architecture must not be compromised

aPerformance -
Performance can be prescriptive or evaluative. As long as there is a yard stick and an output goal we can reasonably assume a result. As more and more "systems" become prevelant then more data becomes available to us for making informed decisions.
aEconomics -
Most green build technologies are sold on the promise of money in your pocket. My approach is more of one where you can have a good solid, honest understanding of cost/benefit vs lifestyle/lifecycle in all the elements that make up a green build.
aArchitecture -
There is a green built vernacular, I am guilty of indulging in it but we must not insist on it, nor should we be compromised in our design sensibilities by the materials and systems that require a building to meet LEED or some other set of goals.
  1. passive house

    central otago
  2. green house

    central otago