Residential : dingle
aProject Details

A deceptively difficult site presented plenty of hurdles in fitting this 600m2 home while meeting the needs of its occupants.

The owners requirement for 6 car garaging to store their collectables, north facing pool, and seemless indoor outdoor living presented many engineering challenges.

The environmental response to this sloping section was not your typical stepped arrangement of spaces but rather to elevate all of the living and entertainment spaces to the pool level and site them on a sloping butressed limestone wall.

Colour Steel Roof
Vertical Cedar Cladding
Limestone Cladding
Timber Decking
4 bed 4 bath
Suspended Pool
6 Car Garaging
  1. the green house

    central otago
  2. the green house

    central otago
  3. the green house

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  4. the green house

    central otago