Residential : El Toro
aProject Details
This 5 year project not only incorporated the design and construction of the 350m2 of buildings but the coordination of realigning a public road, clearing 5 acres of overgrown willow trees and realigning a river to its original course. The unique recycled materials were gathered from a demolished 100 year old hospital, a 150 year old warehouse and a 80 year old motor garage. The original design approach focused around a rock outcrop. It was conceived that we could build either side of the rock and drill directly through the center at a soft spot to create some of the internal spaces within the house. This put the social spaces at a cliffs edge overlooking the river, the utilities central and the private spaces scattered around the rock. At the heart of the home is the 30 tonne stone fireplace which acts as a brace for the cantilevered corners and a focus point.
Colour Steel Roof
Schist Cladding
Okume Ply Cladding
In Situ Concrete Floors & Walls
Hand Planed Canadian Oregan
Recycled Rimu Joinery
350m2 across 2 levels
3 bed 3 bath
Underground wine cellar
Hydronic Heat throughout
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