1. passive house

    central otago
  2. Sally's Pitch

  3. el toro

    central otago
  4. the pitch

    commercial redevelopment
  5. passive house

    central otago
  6. el toro

    central otago
  7. crowded house

    crowd funded housing
aabout manmade

I designed my first building in 1993. It was a shed. I worked on the construction of the building during my university holidays which has served as a valuable insight into the buiding process.
It also set my process whereby I maintain a hands on approach to my projects where possible. Whether it be simply visiting a site regularly or as in the case of "el toro", where I built the enitre house from ground up.
Having a thorough understanding of the reality of construction has served me well.
I can design from a very practicle vantage when necessary or I can choose to be experimental with a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

agreen building design
We have been employing a green building design philosophy for the last 7 years.
Through study, experimentation and technology we have built up a firm understanding of what green building is. See more..
Renowned for their quality and attention to detail, innovative and forward thinking and with over 70 years experience, Breen Construction is a dedicated home building division catering to residential customers looking to build great homes in Central Otago, the Lakes District and Southland regions of New Zealand.
manmade and breen homes have come together to offer the green home.
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